Manuel de Falla

Libretul Gregorio Martínez Sierra
Durata 2 h 30 min Pauze 1
Premieră 15th, 16th of December 2016
Conductor Ciprian Teodoraşcu
Choreography and artistic directing Carlos Vilán, Spain
Set designer Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda, Spain
Costume designer Carmen Granell, Spain
Lighting designer Felipe Ramos, Spain
Costume assistant Verónica Expósito Abad, Spain

El Amor Brujo
Candelas, a young and passionate woman was in loved with a jealous and libertine gypsy. Although they had an unhappy life together, she loved him very much, regretted his death and could not forget him. His memory is for her like a dream, dark, frightening, like a spell that makes her loose her mind. She is terrified that his spirit is not gone, that he will come back and continue to love her in his way, dark, mean and tough. She abandons herself in the memories of the past, as if under the influence of the ghost, but remains a strong and full of life young woman.

At the beginning of spring she falls in love with Carmelo, a young and elegant man that responds to her feelings. Candelas, without refusing his love, responds it, but is still obsessed by the past. When Carmelo confesses her his love, the ghost of the gypsy comes back from the dead, terrifies Candelas and separates her from her new lover. Candelas and Carmelo cannot express their love through kissing.

Candelas is distressed, she feels under a spell and this spell must be stopped. Carmelo believes that he will find a solution. Once he was a friend of the spectre that haunts now Candelas and he knows that it was unfaithful and jealous. Because it seems that after death he kept his character and customs, it must be tricked so that the lovers can exchange the kiss of true love. Carmelo convinces Lucia, a young gypsy, friend of Candelas, to pretend to be seduced by the Spectre, and she accepts his plan. Carmelo returns to swear his love to Candelas, but the Spectre arises. He sees Lucia, cannot resist the temptation and succumbs to her beauty. Meanwhile, Carmelo succeeds to convince Candelas of his love and thus life wins against death and past. The lovers kiss, the horrible spell is undone and the Spectre disappears defeated by love.

Three Cornered Hat
The plot tells about a hoax made to an old governor in Andalusia, madly in love with the Miller’s wife, that he follows everywhere. The love for the young wife of a jealous Miller is the main idea of the story. She pretends that is accepting the Governor courtship but, forced by this situation, expose the old beau to the mocking of the crowd. He is mocked by the neighbours meanwhile the Miller and his wife declare their love.

In the second part of the ballet is presented a party in the Spanish countryside that comprises the most illustrative dances: the Farruca (flamenco dance) and Jota (Folk dance).