La Bohème
Operă Giacomo Puccini

Synopsis ACT I In the attic Paris, on Christmas Eve. From the window of the attic where he lives, the poet Rodolfo watches thoughtfully the snowed up Paris roofs, while his friend, Marcello, is painting. Shivering, Rodolfo decides to burn the manuscript he is working on, in order to keep the fire on. The philosopher […]

La Traviata
Operă Giuseppe Verdi

Opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on the novel and play “La dame aux Camélias” by Alexandre Dumas-II  The plot takes place in Paris and in its surroundings, around the year 1950 (in the libretto, the action is set around 1700). The action of the first act takes […]

Operă Charles Gounod

Synopsis Act I Old Doctor Faust, alone in his study, thinks about the futility of his life as a scientist, about his youth lost in study and wants to end his life. He is interrupted in his thoughts by a chorus of girls singing of nature and the beauty of life. Faust, with the help […]



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