La Bohème
Operă Giacomo Puccini

Synopsis ACT I In the attic Paris, on Christmas Eve. From the window of the attic where he lives, the poet Rodolfo watches thoughtfully the snowed up Paris roofs, while his friend, Marcello, is painting. Shivering, Rodolfo decides to burn the manuscript he is working on, in order to keep the fire on. The philosopher […]

A lost letter
Operă Dan Dediu

opera in two acts and a prologue by Dan Dediu Prologue Romania. A provincial town. Fog. In the street, under a lamppost, lies a letter. It is a love letter written by the prefect to the wife of his best friend, Zaharia Trahanache.  A drunk citizen finds the letter and reads it amused, but he […]

Le Nozze di Figaro
Operă Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Opera in four acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Act I In count Almaviva’s castle, near Seville, Figaro, the count’s valet, measures the room in which he is supposed to live after his wedding to his fiancée, Susanna. Susanna reveals to her fiancé the hidden amorous intentions of their master, who relentlessly pursuits her. Figaro decides […]



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