Useful information and facilities

For information on the location, means of transport, parking spaces and working hours with the public outside of shows/events, click here.

In order to have the most pleasant experience at the Bucharest National Opera, please take a moment to go through the information below:

The dress code

Participation in the performances of the Bucharest National Opera is currently conditioned by a dress code: smart casual.

Indicated time of arrival

Our shows and events start promptly at the time stated on the ticket, so please allow sufficient time for travel, parking, possible ticket purchase, access, leaving clothes at the cloakroom, enjoying a snack or drink in the cafe areas and any other activities that precede the participation in the show itself, for the purpose of entering the performance hall before the beginning of the artistic act.

In the case of shows and events that take place in the Great Hall, we recommend that you arrive about an hour before.

For the safety and comfort of the artists and all spectators, those who arrive after the start time of the performance will be able to take their seats in the hall at the first intermission.

Picking up tickets

Tickets can be purchased directly from Ticket office of the Bucharest National Opera, daily, between the hours:

10:00-13:00 şi 14:00-19:00 sau online, pe

Tickets for the performances/events of the Bucharest National Opera cannot be reserved in advance to be purchased later, and must be purchased directly through one of the above-mentioned means.

If the tickets for a show/event have not already been sold out beforehand, they can also be purchased on the evening of the event. If you wish to purchase a ticket on the evening of the event, we recommend that you arrive at least 45 minutes in advance to avoid delaying access to the show beyond the start time.

Once you arrive at the premises of the Bucharest National Opera before a show/event, you can request information about tickets or invitations at the Ticket Office, respectively at the Invitation Office, until the event's start time. They are accessible from the Grand Foyer, being assigned the corresponding rooms on the left (Tickets) and right (Invitations) of the central entrance, as you look towards the entrance to the performance hall.


The ticket valid for the show/event is presented at one of the access points located in the Grand Foyer of the Bucharest National Opera.

Please keep the ticket on you until you leave the premises of the institution.

If you need guidance in identifying the seat mentioned on the ticket, you can ask the hall staff present.

Occupying a seat other than the one mentioned on the ticket is not allowed.

Children's access

For the comfort of all spectators and artists, access to children under the age of 6 is not recommended except for children's performances, where the minimum age limit for participation is 4 years. In all circumstances, children must be supervised by an adult.

Access for people with disabilities

The Bucharest National Opera currently offers conditions for access to the hall for people with locomotor disabilities. Thus, the Great Foyer is equipped with a series of ramps that allow access to the Stable or to the lodges located on the ground floor. In the medium and long term, the Bucharest National Opera intends to develop the related infrastructure and take measures to guarantee the access of people with other types of disabilities.

According to Law no. 448/2006 – Art. 62 regarding the unrestricted access of disabled persons, the access of disabled persons to the scheduled concerts is facilitated.

Also, according to Law no. 448/2006 – Art. 21, free entry is offered for:

– disabled child + companion

– seriously disabled adult + companion

Student access

Access for students of universities/faculties with a profile or tangential profile (University of Music, UNATC, University of Arts, etc.) is allowed to any performance within the limits of available seats, based on the presentation of the card or student ID, for the current year.

The access of students of other Universities/Faculties can be done under the same conditions only in the case of events for which this specification is made.


For your comfort and that of other spectators, clothing and bulky items will be left in the cloakroom and retrieved upon departure. The wardrobes are located both on the sides of the Great Foyer, on the ground floor, and in the space preceding the Balcony area.

Please do not leave valuables in the care of the hall staff, the Bucharest National Opera cannot assume responsibility for them.

Show/event information materials available on site

Program booklets of the show, containing detailed information and photos, can be purchased from the hall staff. The price varies between 15 lei and 25 lei/ copy.

Measures aimed at ensuring the comfort of all spectators and artists during the performance

For the safety and comfort of the performers and all spectators, those who arrive after the start time of the performance will be able to take their seats in the hall during the first intermission, the timing of which varies depending on the show/event. Also, if you leave the theater after the start of the performance, you will be allowed to return to your seat at the nearest intermission.

The Bucharest National Opera reserves the right to ask those who disrupt the performance in any way to leave the performance hall.

Use of mobile phones, photography and audio-video recording

In order to ensure that the performance takes place in optimal conditions, spectators are asked to turn off their mobile phones before the start of the performance. If, for objective reasons, it is absolutely necessary to keep mobile phones in working order, please set them to Silent mode. However, please consider that the light emitted by your phone may distract the attention of other spectators or the performers.

Also, for reasons related to copyright and the desire to maintain optimal performance conditions, photography or audio-video recording at performances (including using mobile phones) is not allowed.

Interaction with artists

Direct interaction with the artists is only possible during the autograph sessions organized periodically after some performances.

If you would like to give a bouquet of flowers to an artist on an evening when the performance is not followed by an autograph session, you can do so through the venue staff. Climbing on stage or offering flower bouquets from the hall is not allowed. Also, public access to artists' booths is not allowed at any time.


Spectators who wish to smoke before the performance or during breaks may do so in the outdoor areas. If you need further clarification on this, please contact our staff.

Guided tours

If you want to see what usually goes on behind the scenes, guided tours of the building can be arranged for groups of at least 5 people, adults or pupils/students, by prior appointment. Requests can be sent to the address, with the mention that they must include all the related details - number of people, minimum and maximum age limit of the group, preferences regarding the dates and time interval for visiting, the spaces want to be visited especially, any other information considered relevant. Participation is based on the payment of a visiting fee (adult ticket price – 15 lei; ticket price for children/pupils/students – 5 lei), in the time frame: 10:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday. If you require guidance in English or French, please specify this in your request.

Lost items

Please pay attention to preventing the loss of your personal items and do not leave them unattended at any time. Bucharest National Opera cannot be held responsible for their disappearance.

In order to increase the chances of finding any lost objects in the premises belonging to the institution, we recommend that you check that you have everything you need on you before leaving the premises of the Bucharest National Opera, in order to promptly identify the lack of any personal object. If you noticed the absence of any personal item before leaving the premises of the institution, please contact the nearest member of the hall staff.

If you have identified the lack of a personal object after leaving the premises of the institution and consider that it may have been lost during your presence at a show/event, please write to us at all the details that could help us find/identify the object, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

We hope that this information was useful to you and that you will fully enjoy your visit to the Bucharest National Opera.