2 Romanians



Opera and its guests

Because it is enough to start being again what we were and more than that! It has been said: "What good is the artist in a time of drought?" To remind that there is rain!" And then what good are "2 Romanians" in a Romania separated from itself? To remind us that we were ONE, united in the same Spirit. And then, in the wilderness of today's world, we, the "2 Romanians" demand our legitimate right to Spring. We invite you to ask for it together! Let's ask for it together, remembering who and what we were!

What a miracle and what a unique paradox this Romanian people! How could he endure in the face of the atrocious history unexpectedly for the other peoples of the world, only by his two indestructible fortresses: FAITH and HUMOR?! I said humour, and not sarcasm, that tattered and dirty garment of man fallen from the condition of his humanity. Even when He created us as a nation, He, the Creator, at that moment when He was blowing on the piece of clay that was supposed to be the Romanian people, He smiled, but unexpectedly also had a tear in the corner of his eye.
"- This will be your face with which you will conquer the world! Go, don't be afraid!”

The Almighty whispered to that piece of clay, which was just coming to life. And so, from that sacred moment, we as a nation set out on the road with that smile of soulful serenity full of humanity, which springs as if from a deep understanding of the world, without any flinching in the face of the ugly, but having at the same time, in the corner of the eye, that eternal Tear, the priceless fruit for us today of an innocent race, which always had to pay for others.

I invite you along with my good friend, Naidin, and he an artist's tear, now, in these moments of soul-break, to restore our immunity to the Romanian being, remembering together this mysterious and untranslatable heritage, this Holy Face of the nation in which there was never room for the petty history that wanted and wants to forget us as a nation in its darkness, because he, the Face, has always mirrored only the Good God!

Dan Puric