The most beautiful tango in the world



Performs: the tenor Daniel Magdalene

On the piano: Alexandru Burca - invited

Director's concept: Alexander Nagy
Choreographic concept: Monica Petrica

Tangotangent School teachers: Catinca Mandiță, Amalia Iscu, Daniel Mandiță, Gilbert Iscu

Suits: Adina Buzatu / Corina Boboc 

XNUMX. Cookies Radu Spiridon

The event will take place in the Yellow Foyer of the Bucharest National Opera.



Join us for an unforgettable evening of Romanian Tango with tenor Daniel Magdal, in an extraordinary concert performed by Alexandru Burcă - on piano, in the Yellow Foyer of the Opera House.

A memorable event that will take you to a world of passion and elegance. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Romanian tango in one of the most emblematic locations in Bucharest.