Director Toma Hogea
Set design Accents Merchandise
Scenography costumes Alina Dincă – Pușcasu
The music Cari Tibor
Choreography Kotorobai Headquarters


Show of the National Athenaeum in Iași


Balkan raspberry

Erica Moldovan

The Butler
Ciobotaru gel

The King
Codrin Danilă

The prince
Dumitru Florescu

Alexandra Paftala

Mariana Dumitrache

Ioana Aciobăniței

Florin Gorgos


It is a show for all ages, starting from the stage adaptation, which fully respects the classic story but, transposed on stage in a modern directorial/scenographic vision. Every show involves a new challenge for every artist, it is the moment of meeting/discovering the actors with the new characters, which animated with grace and the pleasure of the game, offer light, joy and smiles on the face of every spectator.

The title "CINDERELLA" already reveals to us the atmosphere of the show, but at the same time, it invites the audience, of all ages, to be part of the evening of the ball, where the surprises will be all the delight.

A very good quality music, with humor, with lyrical moments, signed by the composer Tibor Cári, will complete the atmosphere and create the necessary aura, specific to a ball evening.

A colorful show, with an original and refined decor, signed by the scenographer Axenti Marfa, with particularly inventive, stylish costumes, bearing the signature of the scenographer Alina Dincă Pușcașu, complements/deepens the director's thought, to bring an inventive and modern show to the stage. The ball would not be possible without the participation of the actors, a professional, casual troupe with multiple possibilities of stage expression, with talent and, last but not least, the absolute pleasure and joy of the game...!