Classic to the third power

Director's concept Paula Stoica


Opera and its guests

Cellissimo & Marin Cazacu


Veronica Anusca – soprano
Liviu Indricău – tenor


The national tournament Classic to the third power – Violoncellissimo begins in 2021 with a series of open-air concerts scheduled in August, more precisely on August 19, 19 p.m. in front of the City Hall in Sinaia (as part of the "Enescu and world music" festival), on August 20, 20 p.m., in The Endless Column Park in Târgu Jiu and on August 28, 21 p.m. in Piaţa Unirii in Oradea (as part of the European Music Open festival). The tour will continue with other outdoor concerts and concert halls throughout the country in September and October.

Cellist and teacher Marin Cazacu, the leader of the ensemble declares: "And in 2021 we have the opportunity to group our concert appearances in the form of a national tour, Classic to the third power. Our joy is this time to share the experience of the ensemble Cellissimo and to an audience that has not yet discovered us, such as the one from Târgu Jiu and Oradea. In Bucharest, we will have the mission of offering special musical moments to those who did not manage to get tickets to the "Enescu" Festival through the two open-air concerts, from September 5, at 17 p.m., at the Gazebo in Kiseleff Park, under the title Story tours in Bucharest parks and from September 10, 20 p.m., in front of the Opera House, in the context of the Promenada Operei festival. And the events will continue in October, in the country and even abroad. This year Violoncellissimo will live many premiere experiences, but also returns, such as the very beginning of the tour in Sinaia, in front of the City Hall, on August 19, the very birthday of George Enescu ".

After the success of the past years, the tournament Classic to the third power – Violoncellissimo is back on tour on concert stages in Romania, with three open-air concerts in August, proposing a sound incursion into the world of the cello through a diverse and spectacular repertoire, from classical to contemporary. Lately, Violoncellissimo has been more and more frequently invited to give concerts in different formats and in different places. And these invitations came both for the fact that the audience leaves their concerts excited, and, above all, for the fact that they are a living example of the success given by the combination of professionalism, friendship, dialogue between generations and a lot of fun... a combination that has become rare in Romania ! The public had the opportunity to applaud some of the best cellists in Romania, but also the extraordinary results that lead to the excellent relationship between the Master and the Disciples. Marin Cazacu, the Master and teacher of the other members of the wonderful Violoncellissimo founded this formation, which can have a variable number of instrumentalists, as an extension of the Cellissimo quartet, with which he also had great successes in the country and abroad.

And in 2020, as in the past years, the cellist and the teacher Marin Cazacu and his disciples, in short Cellissimo, I'm a family… professional. A family composed of musicians - the pupils and students of maestro Cazacu - a family with a constantly changing number of members, a family that bears the name VIOLONCELLISSIMO and can bring on stage from 4 to 100 cellists. In this flexible and always surprising formula, the "extended" Cazacu family conquered the stages here and abroad - with notable appearances in Luxembourg, Brussels, Istanbul, Washington and not only, but also in a surprising appearance in the final from... "Romanians have talent".


🔴 during the Opera Promenade, wearing a mask is mandatory according to the provisions in force.

🢢 access to the relaxation areas (the food court area and the art therapy area) will be available starting at 17:00 p.m.