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Sabin Pautza 80th Anniversary Recital

Silvia Sorina Munteanu
Cristian Ioan Ardelean - guest

On the piano:
Silviana Ana Cîrdu - invited


The recital will take place in the Foyer of the Bucharest National Opera

* The institution reserves the right to make changes in the casts of the performances if the situation requires them.


If at the age of 20, my compositions used a language that was intended to be "revolutionary", dodecaphonic, stockastik, ultra sophisticated, my creations in recent years use a neoclassical language, if not really "baroque", proof and the last great work, which bears the title "A Baroque Requiem".

My creation from the last decades can be characterized from the point of view of language as belonging to totally different styles, from neo-classical to jazz music of the beginning of the XNUMXth century, from Bartokian polymodalism to a hard-to-categorize "romanticism" , but with a high chance of being understood by a diverse and numerous group of listeners.

In fact, I could define my entire creation of the last 30 years as conforming to this intention to enroll in a stylistic area of ​​maximum accessibility. This collection of songs created in recent years, belonging to very varied and not similar stylistic "isms", confirms my recent intention to create works that everyone can understand.

(Sabin Pautza)


SABIN PAUTZA graduated from the "Ciprian Porumbescu" Conservatory in Bucharest in 1965 in the specialty of pedagogy, composition and conducting, where he enjoyed the guidance of exceptional teachers such as Marin Constantin, Marțian Negrea, Ștefan Niculescu, Ion Ghica, Dumitru D. Botez, Tudor Ciortea and Ion Dumitrescu.

He studied composition and orchestral conducting at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy with Franco Donatoni, Bruno Maderna and Franco Ferrara. Among the awards received are the "George Enescu" Award of the Romanian Academy, the Romanian Composers Union Award, the Composition Award at the International Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, the Honorable Mention at the "Rudolph Nissim" Competition for the commissioned "Sinfonia Sacra" by the Choral Art Society of New Jersey, and the "Martin Luther King Jr." Award for the work "Chimes". Sabin Pautza holds an Honorary Doctorate in Music awarded by the London Institute for Applied Research, and a "Suma Cum Laude" Doctorate in Composition from the "George Dima" Academy in Cluj-Napoca. During the 20 years he was a professor of harmony and orchestration at the "George Enescu" Academy in Iași, he also worked as the Musical Director and Conductor of the Academy's Symphony Orchestra and as the founder and Conductor of the "ANIMOSI" Choral Ensemble of the same institution.

Sabin Pautza's music was published on 15 compact discs by Swift Group Records from New York in the "OPERA OMNIA" Series. He made his debut as a conductor and composer at Carnegie Hall in New York with the New York University Orchestra, with his own composition "Haiku" in the program. For 25 years he held the position of Music Director and First Conductor of the oldest Philharmonic in New Jersey, the "Plainfield Symphony Orchestra" being invited as a conductor by prestigious orchestras from Europe, Australia and America.

Sabin Pautza's name appears alongside great musicians of the world in several editions of the publication "Who's Who in Music" published in Cambridge, England and in the volume "2000 Notable Americans" published by the American Biographical Institute. He taught as a professor of composition, conducting and orchestration at numerous educational institutions in the United States and Romania. He is a Doctor Honoris Causa of many Romanian and international Universities, as well as an Honorary Citizen of some cities and counties in Romania and of the city of Plainfield in New Jersey. The Art College in Reșita is named after him and his hometown organizes the "Sabin Pautza" International Festival and Competition every year.