Ballet Gala

Duration 2h pause nu
Director Corina Dumitrescu



Mihaela Soare – first soloist
Andra Ionete – first soloist
Rin Okuno – first soloist
Ada González - soloist
Greta Nice - soloist
Marina Gaspar - soloist
Julia Baro – demi-soloist
Kana Yamaguchi – demi-soloist
Diana Gal – demi-soloist
Adina Manda – demi-soloist
Ovidiu Matei Iancu - first soloist
Robert Enache - first soloist
Bogdan Canila - first soloist
Valentine Stoica - first soloist
Oscar Ward - lead singer
Razvan Cacoveanu - lead singer
Sergio Dan - lead singer 
Egoitz Segura
– demi-soloist
Virgil Ciocoiu - first soloist
Marco Corcella – demi-soloist
Anthony Canellas

With the participation of the Bucharest National Opera Ballet Ensemble

In order to enjoy each event safely, the performance hall will be able to receive a reduced number of spectators and the performances will have a shorter duration, according to the official rules.

The institution reserves the right to make changes in the casts of the shows if the situation requires them.

The regulation can be consulted here link.