Duration 2h pause nu


Conductor: Iurie Florea

Irina Iordăchescu
Iulia Isaev
Mihaela Ispan
Simona Neagu
Sorina Munteanu
Sorana Black
Simonida Luțescu
Madeleine Pascu
Mihaela Stanciu
Crina Zancu
Iordache Basalic
Liviu Indricău
Andrei Lazar
Lucian Petrean

Ballerinas: Raluca Jercea, Maxime Latapie

Director's concept: Alexander Nagy

With the participation of the Bucharest National Opera Orchestra



The creativity and freedom expressed through the grace and delicacy of the choreography staged by the ballerinas Raluca Jercea and Maxime Latapie will accompany the renowned arias performed by the artists of the Bucharest National Opera. We offer you a lyrical invitation to "Dragobette Gala", let's celebrate love together on musical notes.



Access to the shows will be made at least one hour before the event, under safe conditions and respecting the rules in force in the current context of the pandemic with the COVID-19 virus. In order to safely enjoy each show, the performances will have a shorter duration, according to the official rules in force. The participation regulations can be consulted in the following link: REGULATIONS.

*Tickets purchased for canceled performances and converted into vouchers can be used to purchase tickets for the following performances that will be on sale on the Bucharest National Opera website. More details in the following link: VOUCHERS.

In order to safely enjoy each show, the performances have been adapted to have a maximum duration of 2 hours, according to the official rules in force.