"Unbelievable, but true. Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute"

Director's concept Paula Stoica


Opera and its guests

"The Magic flute" – recital 4 flutes – Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu and guests

"Unbelievable, but true. Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute"

Interpretation, poems, screenplay and direction: Ion Bogdan Stefanescu
Special guests: Salomea-Lois Bodea, Carina Geanina Boanța and Michael Vaida

Zsuzsana Cerveni – soprano
Daniel Filipescu – baritone
On the piano: Ioana Maxim

"The Enchanted Flute" Tour has as its protagonist Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu and his guests, in the original format of a flute quartet and, of course, his 18k gold flute, created by the Japanese company Muramatsu. Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu is the only artist in Romania who owns an 18k gold flute, the "miraculous" instrument being made by the first company in Japan that started creating flutes for professionals, since the beginning of the 2012th century. The tour has annual editions since 2021, and numerous international extensions, in the United States, Europe, Asia (Japan). The title of the XNUMX tournament is Unbelievable but true. Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute!

🔴 during the Opera Promenade, wearing a mask is mandatory according to the provisions in force.

🢢 access to the relaxation areas (the food court area and the art therapy area) will be available starting at 17:00 p.m.