Choreographic Legacies: Beginnings



Bucharest National Opera in partnership with DS Projects Lab show Choreographic Legacies: Beginnings, a documentary dedicated to the exploration of the evolution of Romanian choreographic art at its beginnings, with the occasion International Dance Day.

The documentary will be broadcast online for free on Thursday, April 29, starting at 19:00, on the Facebook page of the Bucharest National Opera, in the link

The documentary progressively follows the evolution of stage dance, since the beginning of this artistic form in our country, in the 1900s, during the two world wars, with tasty accents about the romantic and tumultuous interwar period, but also at the time of the establishment of communism.

The production has a very important mission, that of contributing to increasing interest in knowing the memory of dance and our artistic identity.

In video and audio interviews, prominent dance personalities, witnesses of a unique era, document the artistic approach of each choreographer who made history, located in time and space, as well as its integration in the complex context of the time, thus highlighting various moments essential for the development of Romanian dance.

Ileana Iliescu, Liana Tugearu, Ioan Tugearu, Vava Ştefănescu, Cristina Hamel and Cora Benador are those who contributed to the re-creation of a lost world, through this cultural product so necessary for the cultural heritage of dance. These important collaborators of those who shaped Romanian dance at the beginning of the XNUMXth century left testimony to the future precious words about who they were and what they built Anton Romanowski, Floria Capsali, Elena Penescu-Liciu and Mitita Dumitrescu.

Choreographic legacies is a unique and original project in the field of dance art, which uses a fresh approach to the collective memory of this art, found in the form of archives and written documents, using new technologies and dramaturgy techniques. It will have a serial approach, with a progressive development, by creating a series of episodes that will be released in the near future, covering the entire period of dance evolution, from 1900 to the present.

The documentary won the 2020 Special Award for Best Historical Dance Film at the Divulge Dancer's Film Festival (DF2), Hollywood, California.

April 29 was established as International Dance Day in 1982, at the initiative of the International Dance Council, an organization within UNESCO. In this way, both dance as an art form and the founder of modern ballet, Jean Georges Noverre, born on April 29, 1727, are celebrated. Dance is considered a universal form of artistic expression, which transcends political, cultural and ethnic borders.

Documentary made with the support of: Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema, MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania, Floria Capsali Choreography High School, Cărtureşti Verona.

Cultural project financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.