Romania Universalis





Diana Jipa – the violin

Stefan Doniga - pian

Sorana Black – mezzo-soprano (invited)

Catinca Maria Nistor – actress (invited)

The ballet dancers of the Bucharest National Opera dance: Octavia Cristea, Corina Lupescu, David Duțu, Cristian Șușu
Choreography: John Tugearu


The concept of the ROMANIA UNIVERSALIS recital proposes to affirm the value and importance of Romanian culture in the European whole, integrating some of the most valuable and well-known creations belonging to Romanian composers in the context of the great music from the old continent. Thus, pages of folk inspiration of great sensitivity, signed by George Ensecu, Carmen Petra Basacopol, Remus Georgescu, Alfonso Castaldi and Bela Bartok, are framed by musical works from similar genres and forms, belonging to the most illustrious names in the history of European and universal music : L. van Beethoven, Pablo de Sarasate, Georges Bizet, Eugene Ysaye.

The purpose of this joining is to place the jewels of the Romanian musical culture in an ensemble of masterpieces of a similar caliber, creating a particularly attractive musical program, impressive by virtuosity but also by refinement, which emphasizes the correspondence and the indisputable value balance between its components and certifies , thus, the position and value of Romanian culture in the European context.

The European cultural space has always been one of confluences, the rich and effervescent history of this continent integrating, over time, all the individual national sources into a general, coherent and extremely fertile circuit. In this way, a continuous flow, a bivalent circulation, is achieved, in which national cultures develop and become ennobled, receiving universal values ​​and the great cultural spaces - such as the French, Italian, German or Spanish - are enriched with new, exotic forms of expression, impossible to be generated in its own ways.

Applied to the level of Romanian culture and musical creation, this principle becomes evident since the middle of the XNUMXth century, when the space of the Romanian principalities opens up mainly to Latin culture, a rich and important infusion of elements being assimilated into the Romanian autochthonous space. The program of this recital aims to capture precisely this "meeting" between Romanian and European musical culture, thus creating an interesting parable that presents the essential stages of the history of music from folklore to modern culture, furrowed by influences of universal thought.

They are the symbolic coordinates of a broad and deep spiritual convergence, so deeply inscribed in our essence that today, only through the exercise of such imaginary journeys, we can still identify it. But it exists in each of us and defines us, being part of what we are today, modern and complex beings.

Supported by two very valuable and active Romanian musicians – violinist DIANA JIPA and the pianist ŞTEFAN DONIGA – the recital tour is structured as a fascinating journey into the musical universe of the last centuries, from the creation of popular inspiration to the contemporary cult.

🔴 during the Opera Promenade, wearing a mask is mandatory according to the provisions in force.

🢢 access to the relaxation areas (the food court area and the art therapy area) will be available starting at 17:00 p.m.