Santa's school



The house smells of ripe apples and cinnamon, people are getting ready to decorate the trees, children are being good while waiting for Santa.

It is the month of December and Santa Claus is preparing for the most beautiful time of the year, the one in which gifts are the greatest joys and every child is looking forward to the surprises on Christmas day. But what happens when, after a whole year of waiting, gifts do not arrive in all homes?

Worries begin to arise, gift lists are long, children are from all over the world and Santa needs help. He is greeted by Santa's School, the first school that prepares everything, so that the little ones don't miss anything.

Elves, Santas, Little Santas, Reindeers, Lollipops, Candies, Globes and Lights, all come together for the most beautiful dream, a perfect and magical Christmas.

The teachers are not missing from this school, they prepare everyone with passion and love. Carolers are also present. Snowflakes, Snow White, crystal sparkles, ball gowns paint the fairy tale landscape.

Christmas is saved again this year by Santa's School, all the long-awaited gifts arrive on time, and the children's wishes are fulfilled.