OPERA AND BALLET EVENINGS ON THE ESPLANADE: Concert by the students of the National University of Music in Bucharest

Director's concept Alexander Nagy


Alexandra Dracea
Aida Pascu
 Daniel Hen
Valentina Puscas
Anna Maria Spataris
Ana Stamate
Ana Stanescu
Ana Maria Udrea
Andrei Cocârlea
Vlad Damian
Radu Mancas
Andrei Marinache
Alin Munteanu
Andrew Petre
Cristian Ruja



Event organized in partnership with the City Hall of Sector 5 through the "Ștefan Iordache" Cultural and Youth Center.

Regulation for Opera and Ballet evenings on the Esplanade can be consulted in this link.

Access to the concerts will be made at least one hour before the event, under safe conditions and respecting the rules in force in the current context of the pandemic with the COVID-19 virus.

The Opera car park will be closed on the day of the performance.