Adolphe Charles Adam

Direction and choreography Vasily Medvedev, adaptation after Marius Petipa
SCENOGRAPHY Adriana Urmuzescu


The broadcast of the show "The Corsair" by Adolphe Charles Adam, event presented on February 3, 2018, will take place on Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 18:30 p.m., available on the institution's official Facebook page, as well as in the link



The cast of the show on February 3, 2018:

Conductor: Ciprian Teodorascu

Cristina Dijmaru
Ovidiu Matei Iancu
 Rin Okuno
We recommend:
Valentine Stoica
Bogdan Canila

Egoitz Segura
Birbanto's girlfriend:
Adina Manda
Said Pasha:
 Antonel Oprescu

Three odalisques:
Greta Niță, Marina Gaspar, Remi Tomioka (debut)

Lankedem's friends:
 Raul Oprea, Mircea Ioniţă
Birbanto's friends:
 Raluca Ciocoiu, Lăcrămioara Proca, Marco Corcella, Miquel Duran
Solo Slaves:
 Andreea Valean, Raquel Gil
Solo garden:
Greta Nita, Kana Yamaguchi, Marina Gaspar, Julia Baro
Bucharest National Opera Ensemble

With the participation of students from the "Floria Capsali" Choreography High School in Bucharest


Romantic in spirit, the ballet is a love story between a pirate and a slave girl, and the action takes place in Adrianople at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. The ballet, extremely demanding from a technical and interpretative point of view, has been cast for a decade by big names of the national scene such as Corina Dumirescu, Cristina Opincaru, Ovidiu Matei Iancu and Gabriela Popovici.

Russian choreographer Vasily Medvedev about the current production on the ONB stage:

"Over the last few years, in the world of ballet, the interest in classical dance has obviously increased. The festive atmosphere and beauty of this style are always present in the show. The audience is delighted by the purity and fragility of classical ballet as well as by the amazing performances and skills of the dancers trained in recent years. The choreographic language is easily understood by the public. The Corsair, which is already 150 years old since it was danced, has remained to the taste of spectators in love with classical ballet."

As proof, the theaters are full even after more than a decade since the premiere.

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