ONLINE OPERA SERIES – Endless Love (Opus 73)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Conductor Vlad Conta
Direction and choreography Renato Zanella
Scenography and lights Octavian Neculai


Broadcasting the show Endless Love OPUS 73 by Ludwig van Beethoven the performance, event presented on November 11, 2017, will take place on Thursday, May 14, 2020, at 18:30 p.m., available on the institution's official Facebook page, as well as in the link
The cast of the November 11, 2017 show
Endless Love OPUS 73 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Cristina Dijmaru – Ovidiu Matei Iancu
Mihaela Soare – Bogdan Canilă
Lorena Negrea – Robert Enache
Andra Ionete – Valentin Stoica
Ada Gonzalez – Sergiu Dan
Greta Niță – Egoitz Segura
With the extraordinary participation of pianist Toma Popovici


"Opus 73 (Endless Love)" was the last piano concerto composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. His disinterest in concert operas is said to have been caused by worsening hearing problems, which put an end to his career as a pianist. However, concer no. 5 for piano, Opus 73, is a noble composition worthy of the great composer's name. Its conception, fluidity, strength, balance, maturity and inspiration made Beethoven's last piano concerto a landmark in the musical world.

Choreographer Renato Zanella about the production on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E major, Opus 73, by Ludwig van Beethoven, also known to the world as the Imperial Concert, is a masterpiece. His conception, fluidity, strength, balance, maturity and inspiration, made the last piano concerto he wrote a reference point in the musical universe. This choreography is a tribute to the ballet company of the Bucharest National Opera, a company with a strong classical base, and with formidable potential in all forms of dance."


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