Giacomo Puccini



Broadcasting of the show in premiere mode "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini, event presented on March 30, 2019, will take place on Monday, March 30, 2020, at 18:30 p.m., available on the official page of Facebook of the institution, as well as in the link



Distribution of the premiere from 30.03.2019

Conductor: Tiberius Soare

Flora Tosca:
Bianca Margean
Mario Cavaradossi:
Adrian Dumitru
Stefan Ignat
Cesare Angelotti:
Marius Bolos
Ion Dimieru
Valentin Racoveanu
Florin Simionca
A jailer:
Dan Indricău
A shepherd:
Mădălina Barbu

With the participation of the Orchestra, the Bucharest National Opera Choir and the Children's Choir



The impressive opera, which was based on a play by the French playwright Victorien Sardou, "Tosca" is, without a doubt, a powerful, life-like drama from which every boring scene has been removed. A tragedy of great love - that between a celebrity of opera music, Floria Tosca, and a talented young painter, Cavaradossi, with historical realities such as the reign of Maria Carolina, Maria Theresa's daughter and Marie Antoinette's sister, and the final defeat of Austria over of Napoleon at the Battle of Marengo.

This complex work, the strength of which Puccini sensed even before he composed it – “a work I need", he said at the time - it doesn't stop reverberating its spell even after more than a century since its world premiere. Which means that audiences of any generation need this opera, just as Puccini did. "Tosca" therefore remains a mirror in which we all look, from time to time, at the highs and lows of the soul.

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