The Nutcracker

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

libretto by Marius Petipa, based on Alexandre Dumas' version of ETA Hoffmann's fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King"
Direction and Choreography Oleg Danovski Oleg Danovsky
Directorial and Choreographic Adaptation Oleg Danovski Jr.
Children's Choir Master Smaranda Morgovan


On Christmas Eve, the Bucharest National Opera will broadcast online the performance "The Nutcracker" by Piotr Ilici Tchaikovsky, as part of the project entitled #DordeONB from the Opera online series.

The cast of the November 10, 2018 show

Conductor: Iurie Florea

Ada González
Sweets Fairy:
Cristina Dijmaru
The prince:
Ovidiu Matei Iancu
Michele Tirapelle
Razvan Cacoveanu
The Nutcracker:
Oscar Ward
The Mouse King:
Sergio Dan
Spanish dance:
Lorena Negrea, Sergiu Dan
Arabic dance:
Adina Manda, Egoitz Segura
Chinese dance:
Remi Tomioka, Federico Ginetti
Russian dance:
Kana Yamaguchi, Razvan Cacoveanu
Pastoral dance:
Marina Gaspar, Greta Niță, Oscar Ward, Alexandre Plesis
Mr. Stahlbaum:
Antonel Oprescu
Ms. Stahlbaum:
Lăcrămioara Proca
Rachel Gill
Maxime Latapie
Mouse Couple:
Alexandra Gavrilescu, Sergiu Dan
Vicentiu Popescu
Cleopatra Andarache

With the participation of the Ballet Ensemble, Orchestra and Children's Choir of the Bucharest National Opera


The show will be broadcast online on the institution's website and on the channel of Youtube of the Bucharest National Opera. The recording will be accessible to the public only during the broadcast of the show. 





Act I

Table I

The story takes place in a small town in Germany, on the eve of Christmas. On a busy street, a crowd of adults and children preoccupied with the last preparations rush to the home of Mr. Stahlbaum who, together with his wife and children, Clara and Fritz, is organizing a big party.

And here, the house is filled with guests, the family living room is festively decorated, and the hosts have just finished decorating the tree. Among the guests is Uncle Drosselmeyer, eagerly awaited, because he always brings unusual gifts. Among the gifts received by the little ones are toys representing the beloved Harlequin and Colombina. Switched on with the key, the human-sized dolls break into dance. Drosselmeyer gives Clara, his favorite niece, a small wooden nutcracker. The children are happy, they dance, and Fritz throws the nutcracker into play, breaking it. Uncle Drosselmeyer intervenes, who manages to "cure" him and calm Clara down.

It is getting late and, after dancing to their heart's content, the guests retire, the children go to bed. Clara stays in the living room, falls asleep in the armchair holding the repaired toy, when...

…suddenly, the Nutcracker comes to life. Scary Mice appear from all sides, led by their King. The Nutcracker defends Clara by fighting them, but is defeated; The Mouse King is also kidnapped and hurried off the stage by his subjects. Wanting to sweeten Clara's dream, Drosselmeyer transforms the Nutcracker into a Prince, who invites the child on a fantastic journey.

Table II

On their way everything becomes sweet, even the Snowflakes in the Kingdom of Snow are made of cotton candy. It's snowing and blizzarding, but the weather gradually calms down, and the Flakes are caught in a wonderful Vals, then shows the two travelers the way to the Kingdom of Sweets.

Act II

Table III

Once here, Clara and the Prince discover a magical land and are welcomed with open arms by the Sweet Fairy. It also presents other characters, who perform a suite of character dances in their honor: Spanish, Arab, Chinese, Russian and one Pastoral. The celebration continues with a big one Waltz of the Flowers, then the Sweet Fairy and the Prince have a wonderful dance Grand Pas de deux.

At the end of this extraordinary adventure, after the sweets have once again passed in front of them to greet them, Clara wakes up next to the Christmas tree, in the living room of her house, holding the much-loved Burglar in her arms...