Sleeping beauty

Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski

Director and Choreography Vasily Medvedev
Choreography Stanislav Fečo
Sets, costumes and light design Pavol Juráš
Soloists masters rehearsal Gabriel Opincaru, Petruța Almosnino, Laura Blică-Toader, Adina Tudor, Oana Bădănoiu Vuluță, Liliana Nică, Mihai Mezei
Ensemble masters rehearsal Raluca Ciocoiu, Virgil Ciocoiu




King  Florestan’s entire courtyard is excited by the news of the long-awaited princess’s birth. Accompanied by his assistant, Catalabutte ceremony master, invites nobles from all over the world to celebrate, announcing that the Queen brought to the world a little girl named Aurora.  

The feast of baptism takes place, the six Fairies, Fleure de Farine, Candide , Scattered Breadcrumbs, Canary,Violente, all led by the Lilac Fairy, arrive and offer  the little girl a special quality. Furious that she had been forgotten, Carabosse Fair invades the room with her dark suite, asking the King and Queen why they did not invite her at the party. Blame falls on Catalabutte, the Master of Ceremonies, who was in charge of the guest list. To take revenge, Carabosse predicts to the princess that she will die on her 16th birthday, stinging herself with a knitting needle. Although she does not have enough power to abolish the curse, the Lilac Fairy succeeds in changing it: Aurora will only fall asleep for 100 years until a prince awakens from her sleep, with a kiss. After the fairies leave, the king announce all over the country that from that day, every year, on the anniversary date of Aurora, no one will be allowed to work with spindles or knitting needles.  

Years pass and finally the day Aurora reaches 16 years of age, arrives. There’s a birthday party at the palace. Aurora is courted by the peasants and dancing with four knights. Carabosse, appears as an elderly woman, approaches Aurora and offers her a bouquet of flowers. Without suspecting anything, Aurora receives the gift, enjoys, dances and shows the flowers to the guests. Suddenly, to the great fear of the entire courtyard, Aurora straddles in the knitting needle hidden between the flowers brought by the Carabosse and loses consciousness. At this point, the witch appears in her true appearance, glowing with satisfaction that she was able to carry out her prediction. Aurora, apparently lifeless, is stretched out on the bed she will be sleeping for a hundred years, as it reminds the Lilac Fairy, which puts sleep across the whole country. In a distant castle, Prince Désiré, surrounded by nobles and ladies, prepares for hunting and imagines the day when he finds his chosen heart. Dreamy, the prince stepped up, but in front of his eyes appears the Lilac Fairy, which reveal the story of the Sleeping Beauty in the Sleeping Forest. As with a dream, the Princess Aurora, surrounded by Nereids, the fairies of the forest, appear in the astonished view of the prince. The Prince asks the Lilac Fair to lead him to the princess palace in the enchanted forest …Prince Désiré faces the Carabosse, which he finds her at the gates of the palace, coming out victorious. Then he enters the palace and discover the princess Aurora herself, and, approaching, he kisses her, enchanted by her beauty. As soon as the whole spell falls, everything returns to life, and the King offers the prince, the hand of his daughter.

There is a wedding party where the Precious Stones, Diamond, Sapphire, Gold and Silver are invited, they congratulate the couple and offer a majestic Pas de Quatre. Other fairy-tale characters are invited such as: Puss in Boots and White Cat, Blue Bird and Princess Florina, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Joy encompasses the entire palace, everyone dances, Aurora and Désiré express their love in a grand pas de deux, and Liliac Fairy with her suite, blesses the happy couple.