Operă George Enescu

Lyrical tragedy in four acts by George Enescu Libretto by Edmond Fleg   Synopsis Act I In the royal palace of Thebes the people celebrate the birth of the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta. When the High Priest asks the new-born’s parents to name the child, the old and blind prophet Tiresias interrupts […]

La Bohème
Operă Giacomo Puccini

Synopsis ACT I In the attic Paris, on Christmas Eve. From the window of the attic where he lives, the poet Rodolfo watches thoughtfully the snowed up Paris roofs, while his friend, Marcello, is painting. Shivering, Rodolfo decides to burn the manuscript he is working on, in order to keep the fire on. The philosopher […]

Swan Lake
Balet Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski

SYNOPSIS Part I In the palace courtyards, during his birthday celebration, prince Siegfried is reading a book. It’s the «Swan Lake» story. The Queen Mother asks him to put down the book and join his guests. Among them there is Beno, his childhood friend, accompanied by two young women, who wish to be introduced to […]


REZULTATELE etapei I (selecţia dosarelor) din data de 09.08.2017

REZULTATELE etapei I (selecţia dosarelor) din data de 09.08.2017 În urma desfășurării etapei I, selecţia dosarelor, din data de 09.08.2017 a concursurilor pentru ocuparea funcțiilor contractuale de execuție, vacante de artist instrumentist, gradul I – specializarea vioara, (pentru partida vioara II) și artist instrumentist, gradul IA – specializarea trombon în cadrul Serviciului orchestră al ONB, […]