Swan Lake

SYNOPSIS Part I In the palace courtyards, during his birthday celebration, prince Siegfried is reading a book. It’s the «Swan Lake» story. The Queen Mother asks him to put down the book and join his guests. Among them there is Beno, his childhood friend, accompanied by two young women, who wish to be introduced to […]

Citește 20 March 2017
Sleeping beauty

  Synopsis   Prologue King  Florestan’s entire courtyard is excited by the news of the long-awaited princess’s birth. Accompanied by his assistant, Catalabutte ceremony master, invites nobles from all over the world to celebrate, announcing that the Queen brought to the world a little girl named Aurora.   ACT I The feast of baptism takes place, […]

Citește 4 June 2018

Synopsis Act I A bazaar in Adrianople. The merchants present their colored merchandise beside the female slaves’ trade. In the square comes a group of corsairs, led by Konrad. He meets the young Greek girl Medora, raised by the merchant Lankedem. Suddenly they become in love. Meanwhile, at the bazaar comes a palanquin with Seyd […]

Citește 27 April 2017
Don Quixote

About The choreography of the performance is based on the Petipa-Gorsky version – the best version of all time – because their idea and famous dance scenes made this ballet last in the theatres worldwide for more than 150 years. Of course, I adjusted, summarized or cut some fragments so the show can have the […]

Citește 11 October 2016

Act I A room in the governor’s house In the morning numerous petitioners wait for the governor, count Riccardo, to arrive into his office. Riccardo starts reading all the documents, but his attention is quickly distracted by the guest list of his upcoming ball, where he notices Amelia’s name. The mere thought of seeing her […]

Citește 2 May 2017

La Bayadère by Ludwig Minkus – ballet in two acts Set in the Royal India of the past, La Bayadère is a story of eternal love, mystery, fate, vengeance and divine justice. The ballet relates the drama of a temple dancer (bayadère), Nikiya, who is loved by Solor, a noble warrior. She is also loved […]

Citește 2 May 2017

SYNOPSIS Act I A village between the hills, at a forest’s edge. The people prepare for the vine’s harvesting celebrations. Joyful girls and boys are passing in front of the house where Giselle and her mother, Bertha, live.  Hans, the forester, is in love with Giselle and goes to her house thinking he would meet […]

Citește 18 May 2017