Le Nozze di Figaro

Opera in four acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Act I In count Almaviva’s castle, near Seville, Figaro, the count’s valet, measures the room in which he is supposed to live after his wedding to his fiancée, Susanna. Susanna reveals to her fiancé the hidden amorous intentions of their master, who relentlessly pursuits her. Figaro decides […]

Citește 27 April 2017
Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Opera in two acts by Gioachino Rossini Libretto by Cesare Sterbini, after the play by Beaumarchais Cast: 18th of February 2017 Figaro: Daniel Pop Rosina:  Maria Jinga Contele Almaviva: Andrei Fermeşanu – guest Opera Naţională Română Iaşi Don Bartolo:  Vicenţiu Ţăranu Don Basilio: Horia Sandu Berta: Adriana Marcu (debut) Fiorello: Ionuţ Gavrilă Sergentul: Ionuţ Gavrilă Part I A plaza next to […]

Citește 20 March 2017

Synopsis Act I Old Doctor Faust, alone in his study, thinks about the futility of his life as a scientist, about his youth lost in study and wants to end his life. He is interrupted in his thoughts by a chorus of girls singing of nature and the beauty of life. Faust, with the help […]

Citește 27 April 2017
La Traviata

Opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on the novel and play “La dame aux Camélias” by Alexandre Dumas-II  The plot takes place in Paris and in its surroundings, around the year 1950 (in the libretto, the action is set around 1700). The action of the first act takes […]

Citește 29 March 2017
La Bohème

Synopsis ACT I In the attic Paris, on Christmas Eve. From the window of the attic where he lives, the poet Rodolfo watches thoughtfully the snowed up Paris roofs, while his friend, Marcello, is painting. Shivering, Rodolfo decides to burn the manuscript he is working on, in order to keep the fire on. The philosopher […]

Citește 16 March 2017

Synopsis Act I In a small town, citizens come back from work and enjoy their time by watching TV. They are fond of love affairs that they can watch in TV series. Nemorino, a young man in loved with Adina, complains about the fact that because of his poverty, the only thing he can offer […]

Citește 27 April 2017

Opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Temistocle Solera Jerusalem and Babylon, 585 BC Act I Defeated by Nabucco’s army, the king of Babylon, the Jewish people lament their faith. Their Great Priest, Zaccaria, appears before them, bringing along Fenena to the temple; he encourages the believers, urging them to pray: “have no […]

Citește 21 March 2017

About Fiery Tempers The premiere from 1875, at the Opéra Comique in Paris, of the opera “Carmen” – the last work of George Bizet – did not convince the music critics, the majority of them considered it to be a fiasco. Nevertheless, its popularity increased overwhelmingly after the death of the composer (he died a […]

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Don Giovanni

Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, based on the legends of Don Juan, inspired by the major musical, literary and folkloric writings of the time

Citește 20 March 2017
A lost letter

opera in two acts and a prologue by Dan Dediu Prologue Romania. A provincial town. Fog. In the street, under a lamppost, lies a letter. It is a love letter written by the prefect to the wife of his best friend, Zaharia Trahanache.  A drunk citizen finds the letter and reads it amused, but he […]

Citește 16 March 2017

Act I Two officers, Guglielmo and Ferrando express certainty about the fidelity of Dorabella and Fiordiligi, two sisters whom they are about to marry. Don Alfonso, their friend and hierarchical superior provokes them by saying that a faithful woman is only a figment of imagination and he holds a wager with the two claiming that […]

Citește 27 April 2017

Lyrical tragedy in four acts by George Enescu Libretto by Edmond Fleg   Synopsis Act I In the royal palace of Thebes the people celebrate the birth of the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta. When the High Priest asks the new-born’s parents to name the child, the old and blind prophet Tiresias interrupts […]

Citește 24 August 2017

Act I A room in the governor’s house In the morning numerous petitioners wait for the governor, count Riccardo, to arrive into his office. Riccardo starts reading all the documents, but his attention is quickly distracted by the guest list of his upcoming ball, where he notices Amelia’s name. The mere thought of seeing her […]

Citește 2 May 2017

Act I Scene 1 Chicago, New Year’s Eve, 1929. During the Prohibition, Rigoletto owns a speakeasy, under the Duke’s protection to whom he’s keen to entertain, most often on the other people’s expense. At a crazy party thrown for his men and their girlfriends the Duke brags about his great appetite for women. Moreover, he […]

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